Worth every Baht you spend with My Lotus's by earning points to redeem cash vouchers

Every 2 Baht = 1 point

Redeem 10 Baht cash voucher with every 1,000 points for shopping

Ever-lasting points

Never expire for redeeming other exclusive privileges as desired

Earn points easily

By just presenting My Lotus's or informing your mobile phone number to the cashier

Terms and conditions

How to Check Points

  • At the bottom of a sales slip

    Simply check at the bottom of your sales slip after making a purchase with Clubcard

  • Clubcard call center

    Call 1712 press 2 press 3
    Everyday from 9 am – 11 pm

  • Clubcard mobile application

    Easily check point balance via Clubcard mobile application anytime and anywhere. Also with the great features, you can redeem cash vouchers via the mobile app, receive various special rewards from the instant point redemption and transfer, and simply manage your Clubcard account with a few finger taps.


Clubcard points will be calculated every three months and converted into cash vouchers sent to your home in March, June, September, and December.

Members can check points from 3 channels

  1. At the bottom of a sales slip by simply checking at the bottom of the sales slip after making a purchase with Clubcard
  2. Clubcard call center at 1712 press 2 press 3, everyday from 9 am – 11 pm
  3. Clubcard mobile application lets you check point balance and all valid cash vouchers easily anytime and anywhere

There are some products that do not earn Clubcard points, including Liquor, Tobacco, pharmacy, formula milk for baby and infant (formula 1 and 2), energy drink, MSG, Birdy ice coffee, bill payment and postage service as well as purchase from food court and Tesco Lotus tenant shops.

Simply present your Clubcard or inform your mobile phone number to the cashier before making a purchase, points will be earned automatically! Spending through Tesco Lotus Visa credit card can also earn points as well.

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