Cash vouchers from My Lotus's

Cash vouchers converted automatically from Clubcard points can be used instead of cash instantly when shopping at every branch of Tesco Lotus, no minimum purchase requirements and will last for 1 year as shown on vouchers.

Where to get cash vouchers

Cash vouchers will be delivered in a form of Clubcard mailing statement every three months right to the members’ address as written on Clubcard application form.

Clubcard members can enjoy the great saving from cash vouchers via Clubcard mobile application on devices. Also, with our practical feature, letting our members use cash vouchers anytime and no longer need to keep an eye out for vouchers from Clubcard mailing statement.

Experience an exceptional benefit from Clubcard mobile app

The members can also redeem points for cash vouchers instantly via the mobile app.
* Cash voucher from Clubcard mobile app is valid for 1 day

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